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Here are a few reasons why people have stored their belongings at Airport Road Self Storage.

1.  I am selling my home and the realtor told me that if I get rid of some of the clutter, the rooms will look bigger and I will abe able to sell it quicker and at a better price. Self storage is the best way to find a temporary home for those items.

2.  I had a new home built, but it wasn't finished by the time I had to settle on my old house.

3.  I am downsizing from a large home to a townhouse and I need to store some furniture and other items until I can give them to relatives or sell them.

4.  I am moving into town because of my job and I need a place where I can store things until I find a place to live here.

5.  I am a college student and I am going away for spring break and again for the summer.  Rather than lugging all my stuff home, I store it and will pick it up after my break.  I even store my car here instead of driving it back to California.

6.  My development won't allow me to park my motorhome and boat on the street, in my driveway, or in my yard.  I need a safe place to store them.

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The staff at Airport Road Self Storage are at the facility every day and try very hard to keep the property in excellent condition.  They do not rely on sub contractors to get there when they can.  They own their own snow removal equipment and it is only used for the Airport Road Self Storage location.  The crew will be there after hours and even at night if a storm has come.  The entrance and front parking lot are cleared first and storage driveways soon after.  I am very impressed with the staff and this facility.